Amelia In the Rear View Mirror

With the 2019 Amelia Island Concours de’Elegance squarely behind me, I’ve had a couple of weeks to think about the experience. The AIC was, on the whole, a thoroughly wonderful time. Exceptional crowds, fabulous cars and, with the 80º weather, I wasn’t shoveling any snow! Awesome!

For me, the most notable thing about Amelia wasn’t the cars but the people. Unlike many concours events where the atmosphere can be a bit on the elitist side of things (understandable), folks at Amelia were, well, just folks. Touring the concours field on Sunday with my pad Doug Buchanan from Garage Graphics, we stopped and chatted (at length) with a number of owners who were more than willing to share their stories with us. It made for a truly exceptional experience. So much so that we’re already booked to go back next year!

Here are just a few of the incredible cars that were hand for the 2019 AIC.




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