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Website Changes Coming!

Change is good. Right?

Must be, because every 2 years or so, it seems like I’m overhauling the web site to help improve the on-line ordering or have it keep up with changes in direction. And so it’s happening again. One of the main drivers for the change has been the addition and popularity of the new brushed aluminum and fabric display prints. At present, you have to move to another page on the site, then re-select your artwork to get all of the details. It’s a cumbersome process and a nightmare to maintain so some kind of change was needed. I also want to begin focusing more on stories from around our car hobby that interest me and are not necessarily about art. Lastly, I’ve heard both positive and negative comments about the look of the home page. While it was the height of development two years ago, things move pretty quickly in web world and, as long as I was overhauling the ordering system, I figured I might as well give the entire site a facelift.

No date on completion for the renovated site but here’s what you can expect to see once it’s up and running:

  • A new product page look that will let you move back and forth between the print types—archival paper, brushed aluminum, or dye-sublimated fabric display—all on the same screen
  • A simpler more visually streamlined home page with reorganized navigational choices
  • More focus on stories of interest from around the car hobby and not just about art
  • A number of important changes to the site’s current architecture that, while the public won’t see them, will make a huge difference in simplifying routine site maintenance and help keep the quality of the user experience at a high level.

That’s it, not much more to report right now, but I’ll continue to post off and on as the site development continues.




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